Helix Slowly Slows to Idle in Wet Conditions

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Helix Slowly Slows to Idle in Wet Conditions

Postby Big Dan » Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:21 am

Hello All
It has been raining like crazy here in Central Florida. Our rainstorms are small, but plentiful. It can rain on two or three blocks and not rain around the corner. So when I'm riding it is not uncommon to see where it is raining and go around the storms by choosing a different route, which in itself can be fun. But in going around the one or two clouds that are actually raining in the area I have to go through areas where it has just rained or is "finishing" raining barely raining...I think you see what I mean. Puddles and wet roads...not just falling rain slows the motor. The bike does not shut down, it just slows to idle.

Whenever I ride on wet roads for more than 2 or 3 minutes the motor just slows. Say Im going 45mph and come across wet road conditions the motor gets weaker and then slows to an idle. It will idle but when you apply throttle it bogs and if you don't let up it quits. In that case if fires right back up but will only idle. So I just have to feather it between bogging just off idle and trying to increase the revs. After a bit, it will rev up and be good for a half a block if there is more wetness or all the way to my destination as long as its getting more dry. When the road conditions get dryer it runs like a champ.

Items I know are good
air box and filter, carb, fuel pump, fuel hoses, fuel filter.

possible ideas
auto bypass is choking it, electrical problem, moisture being sucked in somewhere,

Any Ideas you may have to through out on what may be causing it to slow are welcome.

Big Dan
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