hooking up fuel pump

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hooking up fuel pump

Postby Motomanic » Sun Jul 15, 2018 6:22 pm

Hello, I'm new here, hailing from Victoria BC in canada. So, a friend thought he would "help" me by yarding out my fuel pump from my 1992 Helix for me at his place while I wasn't there, and as a result I now cannot figure out how it hooks up to the new one. I am from the school of thought where you methodically remove a part bit by bit and attach hoses back at the time so you don't mess up. So now the hose that he said he pulled off simply doesn't match up to the inlet or outlet on the pump.

Soon as I figure out how to attach photo, I will show what I've got.

Can anyone post a photo of how it is meant to look?

Carb was also yarded out, has mystery connections, but that will approach that on another posting.

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Re: hooking up fuel pump

Postby GrahamH » Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:21 am

Set the fuel pump so the writing on the end is horizontal and the two ports are aligned vertically on the left. The short pipe connects the fuel filter to the top port of the pump. It looks like you need to remove it and turn it around, the longer end should be towards the filter. The lower port is the pump outlet and the fuel pipe goes up to the carburettor.

The carburettor piping is a bit more complex!


PS What does 'yarded out' mean in UK English?
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