Keeping my new Helix running...

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Keeping my new Helix running...

Postby K-9 » Thu Apr 04, 2019 6:44 pm

OK...two days ago I picked up a 1986 that could use some TLC. The person I bought it from got it from a friend of his 4 years ago and never drove it, and it had a lot of storage time before that.

Apparently when he decided to sell it a month or so ago, it wouldn't start and he expected a fuel problem based on what he did to it.

He did a new battery, plug, fuel filter, fresh gas, and a carburetor.

It starts, but doesn't start in high-idle mode I thought it was supposed to. It runs for about 10 seconds and runs out of gas.

In my research, I read there is a chamber in the carburetor, Something about an auto bystarter? I have the owner's and service manual. The service manual also mentions the auto bystarter as a potential problem, as well as the fuel pump, but since it is getting gas, it seems to be something else. After it has died, if you wait a short while, you can start it again and the same thing happens.

So what I read about gas leaking from one chamber to another makes sense as it can slowly fill back up.

Since he put on a brand new carb, I shouldn't be dealing with varnish issues like maybe the original carb had.

Also, when it dies, I get a sound, perhaps from the starter? something like i have heard from a bad solenoid.

I am so anxious for my first hoping I can get clarification on the bystarter if that is the issue.

Thanks so much!
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