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pic of truck cleaned up


My 1986 Chevrolet C10

More photos are available in my photo gallery.


I have had the truck since about March 2001. I looked for about a year before buying it. It was the only truck I found that had a relatively straight body, was mostly complete, and not been chopped up in one way or another.

Being an old truck, just about everything was worn out when I got it. I have been doing what I can to fix it up a little bit.


  • Replace the engine with a new GM crate 350.
  • Complete rebuild of the front suspension with Moog hardware.
  • Front end was lowered 2.5 inches using Western Chassis spindles.
  • Rear was lowered 4 inches using Western Chassis drop leaf springs.
  • Upgraded radiator from 2 row to 3 row for better cooling.
  • Rebuilt transmission (TH350C)
  • Replaced cam, lifters, pushrods in original 305 engine. It had a performance cam that was poorly matched to the engine. It idled poorly, did not make enough vacuum for the power brakes, and suffered from poor performance in general. I replaced everything back to stock. It was actually a little peppier, and the brakes and A/C work better as well. That engine was replaced 02/06.
  • Sandblasted and repainted all engine brackets.
  • Replaced water pump with new one.
  • Air conditioner rebuilt. I replaced the compressor with a brand new one. The entire system was flushed, the o-rings were all replaced, and the drier was replaced.
  • Replaced tumbler, turn signal switch, and turn signal lever in the steering column. The loose tilt mechanism was also tightened (a common problem in these trucks if they have a tilt wheel).
  • Recovered the seat with new upholstery.
  • Added front swaybar. Even though it is a Silverado, it was not equipped with a front swaybar. I located one in a junkyard, and installed it with all new bushings.
  • Replaced front soft brake lines. The old ones were cracked originals. I replaced them with new, stock rubber lines.
  • Replaced steering Wheel. I replaced it with a stock Chevrolet steering wheel from a 88-up pickup. It is thicker and padded, and makes for a really nice upgrade.
  • New Horns. The old horns were ineffective, so I replaced them with a pair of new Fiamm electric horns.
  • Replaced motor and transmission mounts.

More info to come...


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